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Since the treatment options for ECAA are diverse and the causes of the aneurysm therefore often multifactorial, a multidisciplinary team of health professionals is involved in the care for patients with an ECAA in the University Medical Center Utrecht. The goal of the research team is to optimise patient care for ECAAs. Several specialties are represented in the research team.

Research Team

Prof. Dr. G.J. de Borst.
Vascular Surgeon, Project Leader

Prof. dr. L.J. Kappelle

Dr. Y.M. Ruigrok

Prof. dr.  R.L.A.W. Bleys
Clinical Anatomy

Prof. dr. G.J.E. Rinkel

Prof. dr. H.B. van der Worp

Prof. Dr. J. Hendrikse Radiologist

Prof. M.L. Bots
Epidemiology of Vascular Disease

Dr. A.F. Baas
Clinical Genetics

Dr. M.D.I. Vergouwen

Dr. T.H. Lo
Interventional Radiologist

S.I. Willemsen MD

PhD Candidate

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