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Despite the care taken by the website’s authors and others who work on the website, it is nevertheless possible that it may be incomplete or may contain inaccuracies. UMC Utrecht accepts no liability whatsoever towards any party for the use or content of the website.


All rights reserved. Nothing in the content of this site may be copied, stored in digital data files or made public in any format or by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of UMC Utrecht. This site is not for commercial purposes.


Cookies are used by UMC Utrecht (and by Comscore on behalf of UMC Utrecht) for analyzing website visitors’ behavior. A cookie is a very small data file that is stored on your own local PC when you visit our website. If you do not want us to use cookies, you must disable the use of cookies in your browser or click the ‘Cookies off’ button. If you accept cookies, they will remain on your computer unless you delete them yourself. Disabling cookies may restrict how you can use our website and services.

Browser support

Our website can be accessed using most browsers. It is however possible that it may not look the same in different browsers.


UMC Utrecht staff will treat all patient data supplied as confidential. Doctors, nursing staff and other care providers at UMC Utrecht are bound by an obligation of professional secrecy. They may only provide information about you to third parties with your express permission. Those who are involved in treating you are however allowed to request and exchange information about you amongst themselves. This is only allowed where required for the treatment.

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