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Postal Address

Secretarial office Vascular surgery G04.129

PO Box 85500

3508 GA Utrecht

Telephone +31 887556965



Prof. Dr.  G.J. de Borst

Vascular Surgeon, Project Leader

Roos A.M. van Heeswijk, MD

PhD Candidate 

Visiting address

Heidelberglaan 100

3584 GX Utrecht

The Netherlands 


There is paid parking in the parking garage at Utrecht University Hospital (AZU). However, space is limited, and at times the parking garage might even be full. This is why we recommend you use public transport whenever possible.

If you like, you can drop off your passengers right in front of the main entrance. Before leaving, you first have to pay the parking fee. You will find parking pay stations near the main entrance to the hospital. There is a change machine in the main hall.


Parking for the disabled

If you have a disabled parking permit, you can park in the spaces specially reserved for this purpose near the main entrance (up to a maximum of 1 hour) or in the parking garage (Level 2, paid parking). There are also wheelchairs available in the parking garage.

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